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Wagner Tuning

Wagner Tuning Head Stud Kits, BMW Engines

Wagner Tuning Head Stud Kits, BMW Engines

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Wagner Tuning Head Studs are designed to replace the factory head bolts in BMW engines, and they provide several key benefits:

Enhanced Engine Durability: The primary purpose of head studs is to secure the cylinder head to the engine block with a more robust and reliable connection than traditional head bolts. This increased clamping force helps prevent head gasket failures and cylinder head lift, especially in high-performance or turbocharged applications to contribute to the long-term durability of your engine.

Improved Performance: By maintaining a consistent and strong connection between the cylinder head and engine block, Wagner Tuning Head Studs can help optimize engine performance. This is particularly important in high-performance BMW applications where engine stress and heat can be significant factors.

Resistance to High Temperatures: Wagner Tuning Head Studs are designed to withstand higher temperatures and stress levels than OEM head bolts. This makes them suitable for use in engines with upgraded turbochargers or other modifications that can generate increased heat.

In summary, Wagner Tuning Head Studs for BMW vehicles provide improved engine durability for enhanced performance and increased resistance to high operating temperatures. They are a valuable addition for those seeking to maximize the reliability and performance of their BMW build, particularly in high-stress and modified applications.

Installation Instructions:

1. After unpacking ProSeries stud bolts, inspect all hardware prior to installation. Look for obvious defects or shipping damage. Contact our sales team immediately with any questions or issues.
2. Before mounting, compare the supplied bolts with the stock screws, paying particular attention to the thread type and length of the bolts.
Check existing threads inside engine block for damage. To ensure proper thread engagement and accurate torque readings, make sure that all threads are free from remnant sealer, lubricant, and debris. Check the flatness and surface finish of the engine block and cylinder head deck to avoid gasket failure.
3. Insert stud bolts into the engine block and tighten with a 5mm hexagon socket on the drive provided at the head of the stud bolt with a torque of 15Nm.
4. If the stud bolts are to remain permanently installed in the engine block, they can be used with screw lock (not included)
5. Attention! Before final mounting of Pro-Series nuts and washers, all contact surfaces must be completely wetted with the supplied special ProSeries lubricant.
If this will not be considered the applied tightening torque is falsified and the resulting clamping force is reduced. Under certain circumstances, this can also inevitably lead to the bolts breaking / shearing off.

6. Tighten nuts in three equal steps in the factory sequence. For the last pass, refer to the table shown below:

Thread Type
M9 x 1.25 1.25 Nm 2.45 Nm 3.65 Nm
M10 x 1.25 1.30 Nm 2.60 Nm 3.85 Nm
M11 x 1.125 1.40 Nm 2.80 Nm 2.80 Nm
M12 x 1.25 1.45 Nm 2.90 Nm 3.130 Nm

7. ProSeries studs and nuts can always be reused. When re-tightening or reassembling, please always ensure that all contact surfaces are wetted with special ProSeries lubricant. Please contact our sales team if you have any further questions.


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