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SP Connecting Rod Set, BMW M60 / M62

SP Connecting Rod Set, BMW M60 / M62

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SP Components is highly regarded for their reinforced H-beam rods, which boast exceptional strength and affordability. These lightweight yet sturdy rods feature an enlarged mating surface, allowing them to withstand heavy loads with ease. They are designed to replace BMW part #11241725809 and #11241747131 in the BMW M60B30, M60B40, M62B35, M62B44, and M62B46 engines with a 143 mm length.

In addition to their reliable construction, these rods come with balanced matching weights and ARP rod bolts included, making them an excellent choice for naturally aspirated engines. Can withstand up to 8500 rpm. Furthermore, they are capable of handling high horsepower forced induction engines that produce up to 1000HP. With ARP Connecting Rod Bolts Included, SP Components' reinforced H-beam rods are a top-of-the-line choice for high-performance engine builds.


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