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RK Autowerks

RK Autowerks Port Injection Kit, BMW B58 Gen1

RK Autowerks Port Injection Kit, BMW B58 Gen1

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At 5150, we take pride in offering only the finest automotive upgrades, and the RK Autowerks Port Injection Kit is no exception. This cutting-edge kit is designed to seamlessly integrate with the RK Autowerks Billet Port Injection Manifold.

Designed and rigorously tested at RK's state-of-the-art facility in Texas, USA, these port injection components are a testament to precision engineering and uncompromising quality.

Fuel lines included in the kit are E85 Compatible, ensuring you can confidently explore the capabilities of ethanol-based fuels without hesitation. Embrace the cutting edge of automotive technology with this forward-looking feature.
Experience the Advantages of Port Injection:

One of the primary advantages of port injection lies in its ability to blend air and fuel evenly before entering the cylinder. This precise mixture ensures a complete burn during the combustion process, minimizing carbon build-up from unburned fuel and enhancing engine performance.

Kit Contents:

  • E85 Compatible Fuel Lines
  • All Necessary Fuel Fittings


  • Injectors – 750cc
  • Injectors – Injector Dynamics 1050x –
  • 340i 440i | F30 | 2015-2019 | Gen 1
  • M140i | F20 F21 | 2016-2019 | Gen 1
  • M240i | F22 | 2016+ | Gen 1
  • X3/X4 M40i | G01 G02 | 2017-2019 | Gen 1
  • 540i | G30 G31 | 2017-2019 | Gen 1
  • 640i | G32 | 2017-2019 | Gen 1


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