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Red Line Assembly Lube 12oz

Red Line Assembly Lube 12oz

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New convenient version of the chemistry used in our popular paste sold in tubs

Prevents metal contact and wear before adequate lubrication can be supplied

Unlike other assembly lubes, this product will not plug filters after initial engine start-up

Provides 3x greater film strength than conventional black Molybdenum Disulfide greases

Excellent rust and corrosion inhibitor, allowing for long-term storage of parts and internal engine components

Not for use on exhaust bolts or other fasteners associated with high temperature which require an anti-seize

Recommended and used by top camshaft and drivetrain manufacturers


Color Red
Timken OK Load 100+ pounds
Rust Test D1743 Pass
Rust Test 100%
Relative Humidity Pass - Two years with no rust or copper corrosion
3 Hrs @ 100°C 1B

During engine assembly, apply to internal parts like bearings, camshafts, valvetrain, pistons, rings, bores, bolt threads and similar parts. Also works in transmissions, differentials and other related driveline components on cars, motorcycles, marine or industrial applications.


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