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Radium Engineering

Radium Engineering Universal Catch Can Kit

Radium Engineering Universal Catch Can Kit

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Installation Instructions

These universal oil catch can kits are designed for installation in cars that are experiencing oil build-up from the crankcase ventilation system. For more information on why you might need an oil catch can and how they work, CLICK HERE.

Radium Engineering offers bolt-in oil catch can kits for many different applications. For vehicles that are not covered, these universal kits are the next best option. Each kit includes Radium Engineering's patented universal Fluid Lock® oil catch can with universal mounting bracket, a length of PCV hose, a selection of adapter fittings and hose-ends.

A variety of adapter fittings and hose-ends are provided so optimum hose routing can be achieved. Some fittings will not be used. Additional fittings can be purchased from Radium Engineering.

To select the correct kit, simply measure the fitting diameters on the engine. EXAMPLE: If installing the catch can kit on the PCV valve hose and the diameter of the PCV valve hose barb measures 10mm, 10mm is very close to 3/8" and 3/8" is 6AN size. So select the 6AN version of the kit. 8AN is for 1/2" ID hose, and 10AN is for 5/8" ID hose.

1. Depending on the PCV system design, some engines may require multiple catch cans.
2. Catch cans are NOT designed to be used with aftermarket crankcase vacuum pumps.


(1) Oil Catch Can, Fluid Lock
(2) 10AN ORB to 8AN Male Banjos
(2) 10AN ORB to 8AN Male Fittings
(2) PushLok, Straight Hose Ends
(2) PushLok, 45 Degree Hose Ends
(2) PushLok, 90 Degree Hose Ends
(2) Spring Clamps
(1) Aluminum Mounting Bracket
(3) Stainless M6x1mm Bolts
(3) Flanged M6x1mm Nuts 
(1) Service Interval Decal
(1) 10ft PCV Hose


- Machined from solid 6061 aluminum

- The 2 halves and all ports are O-ring sealed, thus safe for pressurized (forced induction) applications

- The main inlet and outlet ports are 10AN ORB (7/8"-14) female threads. An integrated dipstick unscrews for a quick way to check oil level.

- Advanced air/oil separation. As shown below, there is an integrated stainless steel baffle plate.

- Radium's exclusive Fluid Lock® mechanism keeps oil trapped in the catch can and prevents collected oil from "dumping" into the breather hoses when the catch can is full.

The stainless-steel filtration media is cleanable and reuseable. 


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