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Powerflex Differential Mount Polyurethane Bushing Kit, BMW E46 M3

Powerflex Differential Mount Polyurethane Bushing Kit, BMW E46 M3

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Over time, OEM rubber bushings tend to wear from movement, heat, and exposure to road debris, causing them to become pliable and fail. This wear and tear will cause the differential to clunk, shake, or even compromise seals.

Powerflex bushings not only boast a Lifetime Warranty, but they are also made from polyurethane, which has improved performance and durability qualities over OEM rubber. Over time, polyurethane is less susceptible to the wear and tear of rubber bushings and is resistant to abrasion, tearing, and degradation from oil, grease, and other chemicals encountered on the road.

This kit is ideal for cars that see both street and track use. While the included bushings are not as rigid as solid aluminum or delrin, please note that they are more stiff than factory bushings and will have a harsher feel than OEM bushings. 

Benefits of upgraded bushings include: 

  • Reduced drivetrain movement
  • Improved throttle response
  • More controlled and consistent chassis response to acceleration and deceleration
  • Improved tire-to-road power transfer from reduced wheel hop
  • Reduced bushing strain

Kit includes (2) Front Differential Bushings and (1) Subframe Side Bushing.


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