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NMK Performance

NMK Performance Tuning Package

NMK Performance Tuning Package

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Custom Performance Tuning for BMW Competition & Off-Road Vehicles

Maximize your BMW's performance with an NMK Performance Custom Tuning Package, tailored specifically for competition and off-road vehicles. As a part of this service, NMK works closely with drivers to tailor each tune according to their specific needs, wants, and goals, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

About NMK Performance

Founded and run by dedicated automotive engineers with years of professional high-performance tuning experience, NMK Performance is world-renowned for their expertise and commitment to excellence. NMK's senior tuner, Ammar, has been tuning for over 20 years and serves as the official tuner for Professional Red Bull Driver and Middle East Drift Champion Ahmad Daham, NMK Performance has established a reputation for delivering top-tier tuning solutions. NMK's diverse portfolio includes hill climb, drift, rally, and time attack drivers, reflecting their broad expertise and the trust placed in them by competitive motorsport professionals.

NMK's Comprehensive Tuning Services Include:

Modified Ignition Tables: Enhance power and efficiency with precise ignition timing adjustments.
Air/Fuel Ratio Optimization: Achieve the ideal balance for maximum performance and reliability.
Variable Cam Timing Adjustments: Optimize valve timing for improved engine response and power.
RPM Limits Customization: Set your engine’s rev limit to match your performance requirements.
Adjustable Maps: Fine-tune performance settings for driving conditions and fuel types.
Top Speed Limiter Removal: Unlock your vehicle’s true top speed potential.
Specialty Tuning for Catless Setups: Maximize performance for vehicles without catalytic converters.
Forced Induction Conversions: Convert naturally aspirated engines to turbocharged or supercharged setups for significant power gains.

Remote Service Experience:

NMK's tuning service is performed remotely, allowing you the convenience of choosing the dyno facility of your preference. Schedule a session with NMK, and they will work directly with you and the dyno operator throughout the tuning process, accessing your ECU files to modify configurations completely remote. This includes initial tuning and follow-up sessions to further refine and dial in your tune for optimal performance.

Personalized Service Includes:

Pre-Tune Build Advising: Expert guidance to prepare your vehicle for tuning.
Sensor Diagnostics: Ensure all systems are functioning optimally before tuning.
Tuning Prep Guidance: Detailed instructions to get your car ready for tuning.
Post-Tune Tech Support: Ongoing support to address any issues and optimize performance.
Virtual Trackside Assistance: Real-time support during track sessions for tune adjustments.

Important Note: These modifications are strictly for off-road, track-dedicated vehicles only.


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