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Nitrous Express

Nitrous Dry EFI Kit, Single Nozzle System

Nitrous Dry EFI Kit, Single Nozzle System

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Using a dry nitrous kit on a race engine boosts performance. Nitrous oxide (N2O) adds power quickly, but it's crucial to know nitrous system types. A dry kit introduces only nitrous oxide without extra fuel. Benefits of choosing dry nitrous:

Precise Tuning: Leveraging existing fuel injectors for meticulous air-fuel regulation, warding off engine damage from lean or rich states.
Ease of Use: Installation is simpler compared to wet systems that introduce both nitrous and fuel, reducing intricacy.
Hydrolock Safeguard: Unlike wet systems, there's no risk of liquid fuel entering the combustion chamber.
Regulated Power: Grants controlled nitrous release tailored to specific racing conditions.
Engine Kindness: Places less strain on engine components in contrast to wet systems.
Personalization: Nitrous flow and timing are modifiable, accommodating customized performance.

Nonetheless, meticulous setup, tuning, and vigilance are imperative. Inadequate tuning can inflict harm on the engine. Nitrous utilization mandates expertise, safety protocols, and adherence to racing regulations. 

21000: We employed this kit in our TwinTurbo Angry Bull E36 M3 to help turbos spooling at lower RPMs. Thanks to our friends at NMK Performance Dubai for configuring our Link FURY ECU to activate the NOS solenoid at 3000 RPM and deactivate it at 4500 RPM. Subsequently, the turbos come alive, propelling the car with ample power.

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