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Mishimoto Performance Air-to-Water Intercooler, BMW S55

Mishimoto Performance Air-to-Water Intercooler, BMW S55

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BMW has a knack for maintaining their stake as the benchmark when it comes to performance luxury vehicles, with the F8X generation being no exception. The S55 that powers the 2015-2020 BMW F8X M3, M4 and M2 Competition is dripping with technology, which includes an air-to-water intercooling system for a means of keeping cool.

Where BMW's intercooler design was enough to help bring this generation of mid-sized M's to their peak, Mishimoto found some weaknesses that they felt obliged to improve on, starting with the end tanks.

The Mishimoto Performance Air-to-Water Intercooler features full, cast aluminum end tanks, TIG welded to their bar-and-plate core for maximum durability as you increase the boost in your Bimmer. Mishimoto's end tanks also include internal air diverters on both the inlet and outlet to ensure an even flow of charged air through the core.

When it comes to the core, bigger is better, and Mishimoto was able to expand the size of our core in all dimensions, resulting in a 29-percent increase in core volume while abstaining from any modifications when it comes to installation. Their new core also features a unique single-pass internal fin layout for the coolant passage for optimal heat transfer from the charged air to the coolant.

With these improvements combined, the Mishimoto 2015-2020 BMW F8X M3 and M4 Performance Intercooler increased flow through the core by 16-percent and recorded a 12 F drop in intake air temperatures when tested with the Mishimoto Performance Heat Exchanger.

Mishimoto also recorded an average increase of 11whp and 8wtq during their testing with peak gains of up to 31whp and 10wtq. With the micro-wrinkle black finish and sleek header plate design, the Mishimoto Performance Air-to-Water Performance intercooler makes for not only the perfect addition to your F8X build, but also looks right at home in the M's engine bay. 


2015-2018 BMW M3 Sedan
2015-2020 BMW M4 Coupe
2015-2020 BMW M4 Convertible
2016 BMW M4 GTS Coupe
2019-2020 BMW M4 CS Coupe
2019-2020 BMW M2 Competition


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