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Manley Performance

Manley Connecting Rod Set, BMW N63/S63, H-Beam

Manley Connecting Rod Set, BMW N63/S63, H-Beam

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Manley Performance H-Beam Connecting Rod Set, expertly crafted from 4340 forgings, are exclusively designed for BMW N63 and S63 engines. These rods have gained a stellar reputation for their lightweight yet robust construction. With an expanded mating surface, they effortlessly withstand substantial loads. They are designed to replace BMW part #11247646892, #11247843237,  #11247603480, #11247565233, #11247845511, #11247516322, and #11240150249 in the BMW N63 and S63 engines with a 138.5 mm length.

These rods are capable of enduring up to 8500 RPM, showcasing the exceptional strength necessary to handle forced induction engines generating up to 1200HP.

Included in the set are ARP Connecting Rod Bolts, adding further value to the package. Each rod undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process, including heat treatment, stress relief, shot peening, and individual magnafluxing to ensure superior quality. The sets are meticulously weight matched with a precision of +1.5 grams, guaranteeing optimal balance.


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