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Mahle Motorsport

Mahle Motorsport PowerPak Piston Set, BMW S55

Mahle Motorsport PowerPak Piston Set, BMW S55

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The MAHLE Motorsport PowerPak kit is their high volume shelf stock program developed for high performance enthusiasts. PowerPak pistons are made from 2618 alloy to allow for increased detonation resistance. 

PowerPak Features:

  • Forged piston for performance applications
  • Fully-machined crown
  • Grafal® anti-Friction coating on skirts
    • reduces drag, scuffing, friction and cylinder bore wear; reduces piston noise.
  • Phosphate-coated to reduce micro-welding and pin galling**
  • Hard Anodized Top Ring Groove
  • Pin bores finished on CNC boring equipment
  • Hand deburred
  • High strength, light weight German steel pins
  • Race-proven round wire locks
  • Low drag ring pack
  • Light weight slipper skirt forgings

** Phosphate coating provides the grey appearance to the MAHLE piston. This dry lubricant coating (not to be confused with a thermal film coating) provides a lubricant film in the pin bores and ring grooves until the oiling system of the engine reaches operating pressure; particularly useful during the initial start-up or break-in of engines to protect against galling and microwelding. The piston crown is still machineable.

Please Note: All engine modifications should be performed by a qualified professional to ensure a proper and safe installation process and a reliable, optimally performing engine.


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