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Kies Motorsports

Kies Motorsports Fire Extinguisher Seat Mount, BMW

Kies Motorsports Fire Extinguisher Seat Mount, BMW

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Whether your car is bone stock or modified to the max, a fire extinguisher is ESSENTIAL. Not only can a fire extinguisher save your life, but most race tracks require them for competition.

Introducing the KIES BMW Fire Extinguisher Seat Mount. An effective and elegant solution that mounts a fire extinguisher under your car's seat! Available in Gloss Black, Gloss Red, and Matte Carbon Fiber.

Mount is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

To install, simply slide your seat back, remove the two front seat bolts, slide the mount under the rails and torque the factory bolts to spec (42NM on F Series BMW).

Mount Compatible with

- H3r 2.5 LB Extinguishers
- H3r 1 LB Extinguishers 
- And more

Please Note: Mount is compatible with most 2.5lb and 1lb H3R Extinguishers. If you purchase the mount only, it does NOT come with an extinguisher. If you want a complete kit (that comes unassembled), please add an extinguisher at checkout.

Vehicle Compatibility

Compatible with MOST BMWs, including:
- F30 
- F32 
- F22
- F8x
- G20
- G22
- G42
- G80
- G82
- G81
- I4
And more; if you don't see your model listed, please email to verify compatibility 


Make it a kit by adding an Element E50 Extinguisher


- 50 Second Discharge
- More than 4x longer than a 5lb fire extinguisher bottle
- Compact & Easy to Use
- 30cm (10.75") tall, 3.2cm (1.2") diameter, 230 grams (0.5lbs) weight
- Portable & fits almost everywhere.
- Large images on unit guide easy 4-step activation process
- Makes No Mess, Leaves No Residue, & Eco-Friendly
- No mess, non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly
- Zero Pressure Discharge
- Will not spread oil & liquid fires
- Safe & Maintenance-Free
- No moving parts or compressed gas to ever service
- Weatherproof and Unaffected by Extreme Temperature, Humidity, or Vibration
- Safe to store in wet environments.
- Element can safely be stored in vehicles that live in hot climates
- Extinguisher is Made in Italy
- Fights All Major Fire Classes, including oil & grease fires

Kit Includes

- E50 extinguisher with high visibility striker and cap
- Retail packaging
- (1) Mounting clip



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