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Kies Motorsports Charge Pipe & Boost Pipe, BMW F2X/F3X N55

Kies Motorsports Charge Pipe & Boost Pipe, BMW F2X/F3X N55

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*NOTE: 7.5in aftermarket Front Mount Intercoolers may have issues mounting*

The charge pipe and boost pipe are the pipes that hold pressurized air from your turbo and take it to your engine. Unfortunately, BMW typically makes OEM charge pipes out of plastic or rubber, which is a terrible idea for holding pressurized air. While this is a very cost-effective thing for a manufacturer to do, they typically fail when the plastic starts to age, especially when you start to turn up the boost in your car.

If you have a charge pipe fail, your car will typically go into a limp mode (drastic reduction in power) or it may even shut off and not successfully start until the pipe is replaced, which could leave you stranded. In rare cases, pieces of plastic can make their way into your throttle body, causing further damage.

With the Kies charge pipe and boost pipe lineup, those worries are a thing of the past


- Upgraded Aluminum Piping, for added strength and durability 
- Premium Gloss Black Powder Coating
- Excellent fitment with a budget-conscious price
- Multiple 1/8" NPT fittings for boost taps, Water-Methanol Injection, etc.
- 5 Year Weld Warranty, ensuring the ultimate peace of mind

Kit includes

- Replacement Charge Pipe, in two pieces for easy installation
- Replacement Boost Pipe
- Silicone Coupler
- All necessary o-rings, couplers, and hose clamps


F22 M235
F30/F31 335 (RWD and xDrive)
F32/F33/F36 435 (RWD and xDrive)


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