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Kelford Cams

Kelford Cams Valve Spring Kit, BMW S58

Kelford Cams Valve Spring Kit, BMW S58

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Seat Pressure

High Performance Spring Kit

Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit designed to work seamlessly with the BMW M Series S58 3.0L Inline 6. Made using high-performance PACALOY™, a beehive valve spring and titanium retainers, this kit is sure to offer outstanding performance.

Kelford's kit is specifically engineered to work well with their Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 S58 camshafts to provide exceptional quality, reliability, and performance.

  • 90lb seat pressure at 36.5 mm installed height; 193lb at 11.0 mm valve lift
  • Spring coil bind height at 23.6 mm
  • Valve Spring Fitment Guide

Racing Spring Kit

High Energy, Extreme Racing Valve Springs designed for BMW S58 3.0L inline 6 Engine. High performance, progressively wound PACALOY beehive valve spring with titanium retainers.

This kit utilises a precision machined spring seat to max out the seat pressure for high boost, high horsepower builds. Specifically designed for Kelford Cams Stage 2 & Stage 3 Camshafts for engines making over 1000HP. 

  • 110lb seat pressure at 34.6mm installed height
  • 210lb at 10.8mm valve lift
  • Spring coil bind height at 22.8mm


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