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Ferrea High Performance Valve Kit, BMW N55/S55

Ferrea High Performance Valve Kit, BMW N55/S55

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BMW N55/S55 engines can benefit from the high performance Ferrea valve kit, which includes the reliable and durable Ferrea Competition Plus Valves. These valves have earned a reputation as the industry's most dependable extreme duty valves. To ensure their quality, special aerospace-grade alloys, including the high tensile strength EV8-Z18, are used in their manufacturing. Additionally, an exclusive two-step slow forging process is employed to promote proper grain flow and reduce any damage to the material structure. The valves are further subjected to a 48-hour heat treatment and stress-relieving process, which is critical to their molecular integrity. Finally, the valves feature avionics-quality hard chrome and a specially applied hard tip. Replaces BMW part # 11347847033 and # 11347847034. 

Standard Size is 32mm Intake / 28mm Exhaust

Kit includes: 

12x Intake Valves 
12x Exhaust Valves 

Triple Groove Valve Design 
Will work with factory valve locks " Valve Keepers"

11340035853, 11347563462, 11347614134
11341461405, 11347523971, 11347539917
11340034068, 11341438142



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