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CP Carrillo

CP Forged Piston Set, Toyota 2JZ-GTE

CP Forged Piston Set, Toyota 2JZ-GTE

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The CP Carrillo 2JZ-GTE piston set is a high-performance aftermarket piston set designed for the Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine. CP Carrillo is a well-known manufacturer of high-performance pistons for various engines, and their Toyota 2JZ-GTE piston set is designed to improve the engine's power, durability, and overall performance.

The Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine is an inline-6, twin-turbocharged engine loved for its performance capabilities. It is a part of the JZ family and most well-known for its MKIV Supra application. Capable of handling high horsepower applications, tuners and engine builders appreciate the 2JZ as a capable engine for heavy modification and easy adaptation to various motorsport applications. 

The CP Carrillo 2JZ-GTE piston set is made from high-strength, lightweight materials, and features advanced engineering to optimize combustion and increase power output.

The exact specifications of the CP Carrillo 2JZ-GTE piston set will depend on the specific application and intended use, but generally, they are designed to be a direct replacement for the OEM pistons and are available in various bore sizes and compression ratios.

If you are looking to upgrade the performance of your Toyota engine, the CP Carrillo 2JZ-GTE piston set is the best option. However, it is important to note that any engine modifications should be done carefully and by a qualified professional to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

Our piston sets include:

Pistons, rings, pins, locks, and a helpful specification sheet. We would like to kindly remind our customers that a professional installer is necessary to ensure a proper and safe installation process. 

Pin Diameter: 22 mm
Stroke: 86 mm


Toyota Fitments:

Aristo 3.0V (JZS147)
Aristo V300 (JZS161)
Supra RZ/Turbo (JZA80)


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