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CP Carrillo

CP-Carrillo Connecting Rod Set, Porsche 968

CP-Carrillo Connecting Rod Set, Porsche 968

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Carrillo connecting rods are highly regarded in both professional racing and street performance circles for good reason - they manufacture premium products that winning racers around the globe depend on.

At Carrillo Industries, quality and pride go hand-in-hand. Each Carrillo rod is crafted with winning in mind, and they have proven to be a top performer in both street and racing Porsche engines. Carrillo's fasteners and "Carrilloy" rods are highly sought-after by all racers who seek the best.

The Porsche 968 boasted a naturally aspirated 3L inline-four engine manufactured from 1992 to 1995. The 968 introduced technological advancements to the Porsche lineup, notably VarioCam technology for variable valve timing. Available in a 6-speed manual or 4-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, the 968 was a front-engine, rear wheel drive coupe with pop-up headlights appreciated for its combination of performance, distinctive styling, and technological features.

Some of the key features of Carrillo connecting rods include:

  • Special chrome-moly based alloy forged rods
  • Lightweight design that reduces mass compared to stock rods
  • Proven strength and performance in racing
  • Exceptional quality control with tight tolerances and balancing
  • Matched and balanced set
  • Includes high-quality, non-stretch WMC rod bolts
    • Optional upgrade to CARR bolts

In summary, Carrillo connecting rods are a top choice for racers who demand the best performance and reliability from their engines.

Will NOT Work with factory OEM Pistons! 

Please note that these 150 mm (center to center) connecting rods are designed to fit Naturally Aspirated (NA) Porsche 968 engines.


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