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5150 AutoSport

5150 AutoSport Oil Pan Baffle, BMW M54

5150 AutoSport Oil Pan Baffle, BMW M54

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Compatible with BMW E46 Models with M54 Engines.

During spirited driving and on-track conditions, oil moves throughout the oil pan, causing oil starvation and premature, sometimes sudden, engine failure. This happens as the oil inside of the oil pan is sloshed around during high-speed cornering, acceleration, or braking. The movement of oil within the pan leads to oil starvation as the oil pump cannot pick up enough oil to properly lubricate engine components.

The primary purpose of the 5150 AutoSport Oil Pan Baffle is to control the movement of oil within the oil pan, preventing oil starvation by creating compartments within the oil pan that prevent oil from pooling to one side under these driving conditions. By controlling the flow of oil within the oil pan, the baffle ensures that the oil pump pickup always has a steady supply of oil.

With consistent oil supply, critical engine components remain properly lubricated, preventing premature wear, overheating, and finally engine failure. Engines can continue to perform optimally, even under demanding conditions. 

The 5150 AutoSport Oil Pan Baffle requires the removal and modification of the oil pan, including baffle weld-in installation. 

Made in USA


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