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5150 AutoSport

5150 AutoSport Crank Seal Guard, BMW N54/N55/S55

5150 AutoSport Crank Seal Guard, BMW N54/N55/S55

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On the BMW N54, N55, and S55 engines, the accessory belt is situated in an area where coolant and oil leaks are common. When the accessory belt is affected by even a mild leak, it can begin moving off of the crank pulley, causing the belt to fray. The tiny shards of rubber created by a fraying belt then work themselves into the crank seal, where they are picked up by the timing chain and begin to cause detrimental problems.

A simple, cost-effective solution to prevent complete engine failure is the 5150 AutoSport Crank Seal Guard for BMW Engines. This simple component safeguards the crank seal from belt contaminants, even in the event of a leak by virtually eliminating the crank seal gap.

Engineered to make installation simple, this guard features self-centering design to ensure perfect fitment, and includes the hardware necessary for installation.

Made in the USA from 6160 Billet Aluminum


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