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RK Autowerks

RK Autowerks Billet Coolant Reservoir, BMW S63TU4

RK Autowerks Billet Coolant Reservoir, BMW S63TU4

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The Billet Coolant Reservoir, crafted by RK Autowerks in-house in Texas, USA, addresses the failure-prone stock plastic reservoir. Its all-metal construction, designed to remedy leaks, is a testament to RK's known craftsmanship and quality.
Constructed from 6061 billet aluminum, this reservoir is built to last a lifetime. Retaining the stock cap preserves the pressure bleed-off system of the OEM reservoir. It seamlessly integrates with OEM connecting points, and the quick-connect fittings easily slip on. This plug-and-play solution includes the use of the stock sensor, ensuring accurate level readings without any compatibility issues.
  1. 6061 billet CNC construction
  2. OEM factory cap retained
  3. OEM connections utilized like stock
  4. OEM sensor utilized for level reading
  5. O-ring sealing to ensure no leaking
  6. Internal baffling to dampen fluid transfer throughout the reservoir


– 2018+ F90 M5
– 2019+ F91, F92, F93 M8

Note: Customer will have to re-use the stock coolant sensor probe, which pulls out of the OEM reservoir. In certain cases, it does not slide out smoothly and you may need to trim around the sensor to remove it. We currently don’t sell the o-ring, you’ll need to measure it and source a replacement local if needed.


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