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Mishimoto Water Pump, BMW M52TU/M54

Mishimoto Water Pump, BMW M52TU/M54

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Water pump failure is one way to ruin your weekend cruise or track day. Stay on top of your BMW's maintenance by replacing your M52TU/M54 water pump before it fails and overheats your beloved inline six.

The engineers at Mishimoto have developed a high-quality replacement water pump to continue supporting X3/E46 customers in every aspect of their cooling system needs. Their water pump features a durable cast-aluminum body and a composite impeller for improved durability.

Debates over impeller material are not uncommon. The Mishimoto team determined that their composite impeller provides optimal durability in extreme conditions while being less taxing on internal bearings compared to a metal impeller unit.

Along with robust construction, Mishimoto also includes a new water pump O-ring for hassle-free installation.

As with all of their products, this water pump is covered by the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty. 


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