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Genuine BMW Valvetronic Actuator, BMW S55

Genuine BMW Valvetronic Actuator, BMW S55

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The Valvetronic Actuator is a crucial component in your BMW's engine system. This actuator works in tandem with the intermediate shaft to precisely control the engine's timing. By adjusting the intake valve lift, it optimizes engine performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions.

When the Valvetronic Actuator functions correctly, it ensures smooth and responsive engine operation. However, a malfunctioning actuator can significantly reduce engine power and cause drivability issues, such as rough idling, decreased acceleration, and poor fuel economy. Replacing a faulty Valvetronic Actuator with this Genuine BMW part will restore your vehicle's performance and reliability.

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

11377603979, 11-37-7-603-979, 11 37 7 603 979,
11377599021, 11-37-7-599-021, 11 37 7 599 021,


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