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5150 AutoSport

BMW S65 4.7L Stroker Kit by 5150 AutoSport

BMW S65 4.7L Stroker Kit by 5150 AutoSport

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Bigger displacement, more torque and more power. Our 5150 Autosport 4.5L/4.6L/4.7L Stroker kit is specifically designed for the BMW S65 engine.

Utilizing CP-Carrillo Pro-Xtreme Forged Pistons and SP Components, as well as the 5150 4340 Billet Steel Crankshaft, this kit has stood up to the tests and trials of high horsepower application time and time again. We only sell you the products that we have used and tested ourselves.

Other teams have applied this kit in Hill Climb, Road Racing, Endurance Racing, Rally, Time Attack, Drag Racing, Roll Racing, and Street applications, all with powerful results.

Benefits of Stroking an Engine

- With higher displacement, your engine will produce greater power and torque, thanks to increased cylinder volume and improved air-fuel mixture combustion

- The longer stroke in the crankshaft increases the leverage on the connecting rods, resulting in increased torque output at lower RPMs

- Improved throttle response

- Increased horsepower

Kit Contents 

- 5150 Autosport 4340 Billet Steel Crankshaft, 84mm Stroke 

- Professionally turned, polished, and coated with anti-wear coating
- Fully balanced

- SP Components Lightweight Connecting Rods
- CP-Carrillo Pro-Xtreme Forged Pistons
- CP-Carrillo Piston Wrist Pins 
- CP-Carrillo Piston Rings 
- CP-Carrillo Piston Wire Locks

Our stroker kit offers varying displacements, ranging from 4500 cc to 4700 cc, depending on the selected bore size:

92 mm bore size results in a displacement 4500 cc
93 mm
 bore size results in a displacement of 4600 cc
94 mm results in the maximum displacement of 4700 cc

Don't see the piston combination you're looking for? Have more questions? Contact our engine build advisors to discuss your next build.


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