Collection: E30

The E30's rear-wheel-drive chassis offered an engaging driving experience, attracting motorsport aficionados and gaining popularity in racing circles. With a range of engines available, including potent six-cylinder options and iconic E30 M3, it solidified its place as a performance icon. Its lasting impact and timeless appeal maintain its status as a cherished classic among car enthusiasts and collectors.

To determine which engine your E30 3-Series model has, please refer to the following:

 Model Years Engine
318i 1984 - 1985 1.8L M10
318i 1989 - 1992 1.8L M42
325e / 325es 1984 - 1987 2.7L M20
325i / 325is / 325ix 1987 - 1992 2.5L M20
M3 1988 - 1991 2.3L S14
M3 Evo III 1992 2.5L S14