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Wisefab BMW E36 Front Hybrid Drift Angle Kit, BMW E30

Wisefab BMW E36 Front Hybrid Drift Angle Kit, BMW E30

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This Wisefab Drift Angle Kit is designed for the BMW E30, incorporating the front suspension of the BMW E36. The Wisefab E30/36 angle kit offers over 60 degrees of lock, a crucial parameter in drifting. The E30/36 control arms are lightweight yet strong. This lock kit is a straightforward, out-of-the-box bolt-on solution, allowing for easy installation. Users can set their desired toe-in and enjoy enhanced performance. 

Recommended Alignment Parameters:

Toe in/out: 0
Camber: -7
Caster: 8


Higher roll center
This Wisefab suspension kit raises the front roll center on lowered cars, providing higher roll stiffness. This allows the removal of the front anti-roll bar (sway bar), enabling maximum usable lock.

Revised Steering Geometry (Ackermann)
Normally, in a corner, the inner wheel has a greater angle than the outer wheel. In drifting, this can result in a loss of speed and grip. Wisefab has corrected this issue to ensure optimal performance.

Good Camber Control, High Steering Angles
At high steering angles, the leading wheel develops positive camber, which negatively impacts performance. This reduces front grip and causes the contact patch to shift from the inside edge to the outside edge during turns or flips. While it is impossible to eliminate this issue entirely, Wisefab's geometry design minimizes it as much as possible.

Steering Jacking Control
During drifting, the increased steering angle can lead to greater jacking, which can cause handling problems, even with the same geometry. Wisefab has addressed this by modifying the geometry to prevent these handling issues.

Predictable Self-Alignment Control
With certain suspension geometries at high steering angles, the steering wheel can lock up at the end, requiring the driver to apply extra force to turn it to the other side. Wisefab understands the causes of this issue and has minimized, if not completely eliminated, the problem.

Kit Contents:

  • Adjustable coilover upper mounts, Formula Drift compliance
  • Hub add-ons with hardware
  • Lightweight lower control arms
  • Assembeled tie rods
  • Adjustable lower control arm rear mount
  • Installation guide 


  • This kit assumes coilovers to have enough clearance
  • We recommend tire diameter no bigger than 620mm (235/40 R17)
  • Wider fenders or fender flares needed with this kit


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