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BimmerWorld Floor-Mount Seat Adapters, BMW E30

BimmerWorld Floor-Mount Seat Adapters, BMW E30

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Fit either driver or passenger side.

Safety First: BimmerWorld's Billet Aluminum Seat Floor Mount Adapters were engineered using FEA to model the unit as it would be installed in a car with a seat attached, then applied actual loads as though they were distributed over a set of imaginary seat mounts, simulating various forces that would be induced under cornering, acceleration, and braking. They also performed loading under a crash scenario, using research from various crash investigations from front and rear impacts as well as side impacts, simulating the G forces in such an event.

When reviewing these side impact scenarios, other mounts modeled saw stresses higher than yield and in some extreme cases, higher than ultimate tensile. Using this in-depth analysis, BimmerWorld engineers were able to change dimensions and machining features to ultimately create a stronger, safer part that is more universal in fit.

In fact, BimmerWorld Billet Aluminum Seat Floor Mount Adapters have the most available adjustments of any other floor mount on the market, making them the ideal seat mount for just about any car and seat combination.

  • CAD designed and CNC machined 6061 T-6 aluminum
  • Full FEA performed to eliminate stress points
  • Allows for the lowest possible positioning of your seat
  • More available adjustments than any other floor mount on the market
  • Easy installation and compatible with almost any racing seat
  • Installs to the factory floor seat mounting points for strength and safety
  • Reversible to allow use on either driver or passenger side

Kit includes adapters for one seat and positive-locking hardware (to chassis) to eliminate this critical part from loosening up. We've seen this occur with others, and have engineered ours so that this will not be an issue.

Additional fitment / install note: These floor mount adapters are intended (mostly) for track/race use. They can be used on street cars, but trimming of the carpet, adjustment/removal of under seat ducting or wiring may be required if used on full-interior cars.

Made in the USA.


1984 - 91      E30     318i
1984 - 91      E30     318is
1984 - 91      E30     325e
1984 - 91      E30     325es
1984 - 91      E30     325i
1984 - 91      E30     325is
1984 - 91      E30     325ix
1984 - 91      E30     M3


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