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High Performance Valve Stem Seals, BMW N63 / S63

High Performance Valve Stem Seals, BMW N63 / S63

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The Set includes viton high-performance valve stem seals, addressing the known issues with factory seals. Valve stem seal failure in these engines can lead to various symptoms and potential problems.

Valve stem seals play a crucial role in preventing oil from entering the combustion chamber and reducing oil consumption. When valve stem seals fail, oil can leak into the combustion chamber, resulting in excessive oil consumption and potentially causing blue smoke from the exhaust.

 Installation requires the expertise of an engine builder.

11340039494, 11340054492, 11347578825, 11347572451, 11347504271, 11347614134, 11340150843.

The Set includes:

  • 32x Viton Valve Stem Seals




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