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CP Carrillo

CP Forged Piston Set, BMW S63, Pro-Xtreme, Sleeved

CP Forged Piston Set, BMW S63, Pro-Xtreme, Sleeved

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Please note that these pistons are only suitable for use in engine blocks that have been machined to have iron cylinder sleeves. Recommended piston-to-wall clearance is ~0.0035-0.0045 in

The 5150 AutoSport Pro-Xtreme Forged Pistons, made by CP-Carrillo, are designed to handle extreme horsepower and high RPM applications for BMW S63 engines. Constructed from high-strength, aircraft-grade steel, these pistons are engineered to withstand the forces generated by high-powered engines.

These pistons feature offset wrist pin design, meaning the wrist pin is slightly offset to account for piston thrust against the cylinder wall present during powerstroke. This design reduces friction against the cylinder wall for less piston noise, optimized rod to crank angle, and more efficient engine power output. Please note that because of the wrist pin offset, these pistons require specific installation orientation; the arrow etched into the dome points toward the major thrust side of the piston. More information on Wrist Pin Offset and Piston Thrust is available here 

The Pro-Xtreme Piston design is specifically engineered to handle up to 2000 horsepower, making these pistons suitable for high-performance turbo/drag racing or street/strip applications. They are also designed to handle high engine speeds of up to 9500 RPM, which is necessary for achieving maximum power output.

Each piston is precisely fabricated to meet the demands of high-performance engines using advanced manufacturing techniques such as computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA). The Pro-Xtreme Pistons are designed to be durable, reliable, and capable of handling the extreme stresses and forces generated by high-horsepower and high-rpm engines.

Pro-Xtreme Piston Sets Include:

- Pistons
- PVD Rings (Install Guide Here)
- Pins
- Locks
- Spec Sheet

Please note, the Pro-Xtreme Piston is engineered to handle up to 2000HP, however, the Standard Wrist Pin can only handle 800-850HP. To exceed 850HP, it is a MUST to use Heavy Duty pins.

MUST Sleeve the cylinders


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