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Ti Automotive

Ti Automotive BKS1001 Brushless E5LM Fuel Pump

Ti Automotive BKS1001 Brushless E5LM Fuel Pump

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This kit includes many components including an E5LM submersible brushless fuel pump and controller. These two items are NOT available separately. The pump is an efficient screw pump design with positive displacement that is designed for in-tank installation only.


Unlike the previous Ti Automotive BKS1000 bushless controller, the BKS1001 has an optional speed control function. The controller will accept a pulse-width modulated input to slow down pump speed. This decreases fuel pump flow 350-370LPH from the maximum output. If this input is left disconnected, the pump output will operate at 100% duty cycle and perform exactly like the previous BKS1000 system.

1. The controller requires a squarewave frequency (battery voltage to ground) at 100Hz.
2. When the duty cycle input is between 95-100%, the controller will output a 100% duty cycle signal to the pump.
3. When the duty cycle input is between 10-95%, the controller will output a linear transfer function though this range.
4. When the duty cycle input is less than 1-4%, the controller will output a 0% duty cycle signal to the pump.
5. When the signal wire is simply grounded, the controller will output a 45% duty cycle signal to the pump.


All sealed weather resistant electronics with 3ft wiring leads. Includes a 31 micron inlet filter.
Can be run with 8 to 18 volts DC, however the speed of the pump will change accordingly.
Safe for use with E85.


1. The Ti Automotive E5LM pump does not have an integrated check valve in the outlet. Fortunately, the Radium Engineering Fuel Pump Check Valve Outlet Adapter can be used.
2. Replacement fuel pump inlet filter socks that are compatible with all Radium related components can be found HERE.


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