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SuperTech High Performance Valve Spring Kit, BMW N55/S55

SuperTech High Performance Valve Spring Kit, BMW N55/S55

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BMW N55 & S55 Engines. 

Supertech offers valve spring kits specifically designed for BMW engines, aiming to provide enhanced valve control and reliability. These comprehensive kits consist of a set of valve springs and accompanying components required for installation.

Engineered to meet the demands of high-performance BMW engines, Supertech valve spring kits are sought after by enthusiasts, engine builders, and professional racing teams. These kits cater to various BMW applications, including automotive, motorcycle, racing, and performance engines, ensuring optimal performance and the ability to handle high RPMs.

The valve springs in Supertech kits are crafted from premium materials, meticulously designed to endure the rigorous conditions of high-performance BMW engines. Compared to stock valve springs, they offer superior spring rates, improved valve control, and enhanced durability.

Supertech valve spring kits are tailored to match specific BMW engine configurations and performance requirements. By utilizing these kits, engine builders can guarantee proper valve operation, prevent valve float, and maximize power output, all while maintaining reliability.

Overall, Supertech valve spring kits have gained popularity among BMW enthusiasts who seek trustworthy and high-performance solutions to optimize valve control in their engines.

 Installation requires the expertise of an engine builder.


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