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SuperSprint Performance Muffler, BMW E46 Non-M

SuperSprint Performance Muffler, BMW E46 Non-M

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Exhaust Tips

The Supersprint performance rear muffler offers a subtle yet satisfying sound enhancement for the BMW E46 325 and 330 models. If you find the stock muffler too timid and quiet, this could be the ideal audio upgrade for you.

Supersprint exhaust is widely acclaimed as the top choice for comprehensive exhaust system upgrades, renowned for its exceptional quality, optimal flow design, and impressive sound. Supersprint stands out as the unbeatable exhaust system, with every aspect meticulously crafted to the highest standards. Featuring a distinctly 'European' sound, Supersprint exhausts perfectly complement the sporting sophistication of BMWs. Most systems are modular, allowing for custom tailoring of the exhaust sound to individual preferences. Moreover, Supersprint mufflers adhere to European noise laws, ensuring a refined and balanced sound without excessive volume. With larger diameter piping, Supersprint exhausts enhance exhaust flow, resulting in reduced engine workload and increased horsepower. 


BMW E46 325Ci M54 2.5L
BMW E46 325i M54 2.5L
BMW E46 325xi M54 2.5L
BMW E46 330Ci M54 3.0L
BMW E46 330i M54 3.0L
BMW E46 330xi M54 3.0L



Supersprint exhaust systems are intended for track and off-road use only. Special software or modifications may be necessary to prevent emissions fault codes.


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