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SuperSprint Performance Dual Exit Muffler, BMW F34 N20

SuperSprint Performance Dual Exit Muffler, BMW F34 N20

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Exhaust Tips

Enhance the aesthetics of your F34 with this "dual exhaust" conversion from Supersprint. Featuring quad 80 mm or twin 100 mm tips, this system adds a bold and muscular presence to your F30.

Replacing the stock muffler, this Supersprint system is designed for both aesthetics and performance. The driver-side tips seamlessly fit into the stock bumper opening, but professional installation is recommended for modifying the passenger side opening to accommodate the tips.

Additionally, the F34 Supersprint muffler system adds an extra dose of aggression to your car's exhaust note, amplifying volume and sound. By eliminating the stock system's exhaust flap valve, more of the engine's distinctive noise is audible across all RPM ranges and during startup. To ensure proper routing and placement of the piping, the Supersprint section 2 is also required.

Supersprint exhaust is renowned as the premier choice for complete exhaust system upgrades, boasting exceptional quality, optimal flow design, and captivating sound. Supersprint sets itself apart by delivering outstanding sound, durability, and precise fitment. Most Supersprint systems are modular, allowing customization of the exhaust to personal preference. Additionally, Supersprint mufflers meet European noise regulations, providing a refined sound without excess loudness. Featuring larger diameter piping to enhance exhaust flow, Supersprint exhausts reduce engine workload, resulting in increased horsepower. 


BMW F34 328i xDrive N20 2.0L


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