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Radium Engineering

Radium Engineering RA-Series Fuel Cell

Radium Engineering RA-Series Fuel Cell

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A competition grade fuel cell provides maximum performance and safety for high performance vehicles. The Radium RA-series fuel cells are designed and manufactured by Radium Engineering to meet top safety requirements set forth by the worldwide safety organizations FiA and SFI. 

These fuel cells are excellent for all types of motorsports disciplines including road racing, time attack, drifting, rally, off-road racing, endurance, and many more. The large 22 gallon fuel cell is shown below.

CLICK HERE for fuel cell installation video

The heart of the fuel cell is the bladder (shown below in green). This component undergoes thorough testing and carries the critical certifications. Radium RA-series bladders are made from a special polymer that is resistant to ALL fuel types (gasoline, diesel, AV gas, E15, E85, ethanol, methanol, etc).

The bladder is housed in a lightweight powder coated aluminum enclosure that protects from damage and debris. Pre-cut explosion suppressing anti-slosh foam is included as well as an innovative threaded aluminum nut ring which makes fuel pump installation fast and easy.

The RA-series fuel cells have been tested and approved by FIA and SFI. All RA-series fuel cells are serialized and come with both certifications and associated paperwork.

Certifications are valid for 5 years from the date of manufacture. Radium does NOT offer fuel cells without certifications.

During tech inspections, certification decals on the bladder can be easily viewed by removing the inspection plate (shown above).

The manufacturing process for these fuel cell bladders inherently require large tolerances creating a variance in physical size. The volumes listed below are the expected ranges for each bladder. NOTE: These measurements do not account for any objects inside the fuel cell.

6 Gallon
Gallons: 5.4 - 6.0
Liters: 20.3 - 22.7

10 Gallon
Gallons: 9.2 - 10.0
Liters: 34.8 - 37.9

10.5 Gallon, Spare Tire
Gallons: 10.3 - 10.5
Liters: 38.9 - 39.7

14 Gallon
Gallons: 13.7 - 14.0
Liters: 51.9 - 53.0

22 Gallon
Gallons: 21.5 - 22.0
Liters: 81.5 - 83.3

All fuel cell sales are FINAL and cannot be returned or exchanged. Measure carefully prior to ordering.


-Seamless Polymer Bladder
-Explosion Suppressing Anti-Slosh Foam
-Powder Coated Aluminum Enclosure
-Anodized Aluminum Nut Ring
-Removable Inspection Plate
-FKM 6x10 24-bolt Gaskets, x2
-Stainless Steel Hardware 
-Certification of Conformance

Please note: all Radium Fuel Cells are built to order and require 2-3 weeks to ship.



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