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MOTIV ProTuning, BMW S55

MOTIV ProTuning, BMW S55

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If you are looking to get the most out of your BMW S55 car with stock, upgraded stock turbo, or even single turbo kits then a custom tune is for you. Let MOTIV's BMW calibration experts work 1-on-1 with you to help customize your DME using the latest calibration tables from MHD, EcuTek and MG Flasher. Every car is custom calibrated to be setup for you and your unique setup.

MOTIV tuners have over two decades of combined experience and will directly remap hundreds of tables in your DME including comprehensive boost control, throttle behavior, ignition, cam timing, and many other tables that control how your engine performs.

MOTIV's team of BMW expert calibrators strive to provide a tune that is dialed in for your specific modifications, ambient conditions, fueling setup, as well as the condition of your motor. Off-the-Shelf (OTS) maps are designed to work with on a large number of vehicles often leaving efficiency and horsepower on the table. The custom tuning process allows MOTIV to dial in your tune specifically for your car, allowing for better drivability, more intuitive throttle mapping, reliable power/torque gains across the entire rev range, and not to mention improved gas/fuel economy.

Remote / E-Tuning is a process in which MOTIV will instruct you with what specific parameters to log as well as how to go about performing the log. It is an iterative process and new map iterations will be sent after each set of logs received. MOTIV works hard with their customers until a satisfactory, smooth, and safe calibration is reached. Customers are encouraged to hit the dyno and gather dyno charts at their leisure. MOTIV ProTuning supports virtually any and all combinations of modifications for the B58, ranging from stock to all out single turbo builds. Let MOTIV's team of tuners help dial your car in for your specific setup and help you transform it into what you know it should be.

To accommodate all different levels of customization and tuning, MOTIV offers multiple types of tuning services. Please choose which one is best for you by reading about them below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have ANY questions about any of the following processes.


This option is perfect for the person who wants to be involved in the tuning process. Your feedback is just as important as the data collected from your performance logs in MHD or EcuTek. After a short discussion with your tuner about your vehicles setup, you will receive a base map to get a log of. Using your description of how the car felt, the .csv log file you send back, and your intended use of the car, MOTIV will continuously update the file through multiple iterations. On average, you will receive an updated tune file w/in approximately 24 hours of the logs being submitted. The typical number of revisions until completion ranges anywhere from 3 to 10, depending on many variables that MOTIV gauges, based on the data your logs present. Some cars take more while others take less. The process moves at your own pace. The faster you submit logs, the quicker MOTIV can get updates back to you.


Take the extra step towards a complete and flawless calibration. MOTIV's team of tuners will schedule a time with you to focus on your car and your car only. Whether you are local or anywhere in the world, MOTIV Tuners are able to tune your car as though they are there sitting with you. In a 1.5-3hr dyno session, MOTIV Tuners will fully calibrate your DME for your mods, engine health, and driving style. Focusing on creating efficient and power output, MOTIV Tuners will use your logs and dyno plots to dial in your vehicle as precisely as possible.

NOTE: FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY.  Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part or element of design affecting emissions or safety on motor vehicles used for transporting persons or property on a public street or highway.


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