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Ferrea High Performance Valve Spring Kit, BMW B48

Ferrea High Performance Valve Spring Kit, BMW B48

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BMW B48 Engines. 

Ferrea Valve Springs and Retainers: premium components designed for high-performance engines. These valve springs are made from top-grade alloy and undergo special thermal treatment, ensuring exceptional durability even in extreme racing conditions. They eliminate three major issues: binding, breakage, and valve float.

Valve binding occurs when valves get stuck and fail to open or close properly, potentially damaging the engine. Breakage can lead to valves dropping into the combustion chamber, causing severe engine damage. Valve float, caused by inadequate spring rate, results in power loss and combustion leaks at high RPM.

Ferrea valve springs are meticulously heat-treated and stress relieved, providing stability for high-lift and high-RPM racing engines while minimizing load loss. We offer precision CNC machined retainers in Titanium, Lightweight Tool Steel, Steel, and Aluminum Magnesium options for superior strength and stability.

Our Spring Seat Locators, crafted from 4140 chromoly alloy, guarantee precise tolerances and a flat, parallel spring pad. With a hard Nitrided surface treatment, they offer exceptional toughness and anti-wear characteristics.

Ferrea is renowned for delivering the best performance in valve springs and retainers. While not the most economical option, our products prioritize quality.

Upgrading valve springs is crucial for high-performance engines. Stock valve springs struggle with increased valve lift and higher RPMs, leading to valve float and power loss. High-performance valve springs, typically made from strong materials like chromoly steel, provide increased spring pressure at higher speeds, improving engine response, power output, and reliability.

Common valve spring issues include binding, breakage, and valve float. Binding can damage engine components, while breakage may cause catastrophic engine failure. Valve float results in incomplete combustion and power loss.

Addressing these issues is vital for engine performance and reliability. Upgrading to high-quality valve springs with appropriate spring rates and stress resistance prevents binding, breakage, and valve float. This ensures proper valve operation, maximizes engine power, and reduces the risk of engine failure.

Installation requires the expertise of an engine builder.


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