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CP Carrillo

CP Forged Piston Set, BMW M30 B35

CP Forged Piston Set, BMW M30 B35

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CP Carrillo is one of the most globally respected manufacturers of aftermarket pistons, known for their strict quality, durability, and range of performance applications. CP Pistons are designed to improve engine power and reliability by using high-strength, lightweight materials and advanced engineering. Here are some of the features of CP Carrillo pistons:

  1. Lightweight design: CP Carrillo pistons are made from high-strength, lightweight materials, such as forged aluminum alloy. This reduces the piston's weight to help improve engine responsiveness and acceleration.

  2. Advanced engineering: CP pistons are designed using state-of-the-art technology and engineering techniques to optimize combustion, improve fuel efficiency, and increase power output.

  3. Multiple bore sizes and compression ratios: CP Carrillo offers a range of bore sizes and compression ratios to suit different engine configurations and performance goals, from N/A to Forced Induction.

  4. High-quality construction: These pistons are precision-machined to exacting standards and undergo rigorous testing to ensure consistent quality and performance.

Piston Sets Include:

- Pistons
- Rings (Install Guide Here)
- Pins
- Locks
- Spec Sheet

Please note that any engine modifications should be done carefully by a qualified professional to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


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