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Clutch Masters

Clutch Masters FX1000 Twin Disc Clutch Kit, BMW E9X M

Clutch Masters FX1000 Twin Disc Clutch Kit, BMW E9X M

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1000 Series Twin Disc Clutch Kit, 03148-TDKR-X

“Race” (TDKR) – 1 sprung ceramic disc, and 1 ceramic rigid disc

The Clutch Masters FX1000 is a 10.00” (254 mm) Twin Disc clutch unit engineered for high horsepower applications that excels on the track and endures heavy street use. With a strap-driven plate design, this clutch delivers smooth engagement, minimal chatter, and robust durability, resilient to hard launches, clutch kicking, and high RPM shifting. Designed for the dedicated enthusiast who pushes the boundaries of performance on their high-powered vehicle, the Clutch Masters FX1000 guarantees an excellent pedal feel.

FX 1000 Series

The cover assembly is precision machined from billet aluminum and Type 3 hard anodized for greater strength. The result is a cover with approximately 25% more tensile strength than competitors' cast units. Clutch Masters' focus on machining the strongest cover possible while maintaining minimal weight has led them to a design that virtually eliminates any flex.

The Clutch Masters' billet cover sees only .003" of flex, a significant improvement compared to the potential .030" of flex observed in cast / stamped units. By eliminating cover flex, the driver is able to engage and disengage the clutch with precision for consistent and confident clutch operation. Optimal cover strength also translates into superior clamping force over the same area. This means the Clutch Masters' twin disc clutch kits are easy to drive and all engine output is being utilized.

FX 1000 Series


1000 Series Twin Disc Steel Flywheel, FW-148-K-TDS

FX1000 (10") Twin Disc Steel Flywheel

Every Clutch Masters flywheel is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. The production process begins with CAD design, followed by precision CNC machine in one of Clutch Masters' CNC lathes, all in-house. Crafted from 1045 steel billet, each flywheel undergoes zero balancing post-machining, ensuring even distribution on all sides and a 100% true spin. 

Clutch Masters' commitment to quality and performance extends to black oxide treatment for rust prevention. Assembled by a Clutch Masters Craftsman, each flywheel undergoes rigorous quality checks for imperfections and tolerances before clutch kit pairing. 


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