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BE Bearings

BE High Performance Rod Bearing Kit, BMW S54

BE High Performance Rod Bearing Kit, BMW S54

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Connecting Rod Bolt Size

Crafted by Mahle to BE's precise specifications, in collaboration with industry professionals from NASCAR, Indy Car, and BMW M-Division Engine Design.

Each BE Bearings product is meticulously calibrated and made into sets, ensuring YOU receive bearing sets with uniform clearances and quality. The global research and data speak volumes - BE consistently emerges as the best choice for your BMW Engine.

- Applicable for BMW S54 engines 
- Standard size
- Sold as complete set (6-cylinders)
- Includes ARP Connecting Rod Bolt Set
     - Please specify Bolt Size

These bearings replace factory BMW rod bearings. The original BMW bearings have too little clearance, which leads to premature bearing wear and can cause early engine failure.  Additionally, the factory BMW bearings are made from tin-aluminum which are 5-times harder than a softer lead-copper bearing design. A softer bearing is better for your engine and more tolerant of foreign particles suspended in your oil.

These BE Bearings feature a state-of-the-art Clevite Tri-Metal design with the Clevite Tri-Armor(tm) coating.  

How to Choose Connecting Rod Bolt Size:

Early Model, M11 Bolts: For S54 Engines up to 02/2003 Production
Late Model, M10 Bolts: For S54 Engines after 02/2003 Production

BE Bearing Features:

- Lead-copper design for greater durability and easy tracking with oil analysis like Blackstone (recommended).
- Designed with extra clearance to "fix" the BMW rod bearing design flaw.
- Designed for use with factory 10W60 weight oils.
- Standard Size

About BE Measurement Marks:

You may notice BE Bearings have a slight mark on the surface. This is not a manufacturer defect, but rather a part of the Quality Control process at BE.

Every BE Bearing is hand measured. The measurement process uses a data logging Mitutoyo drop indicator with a rounded roller bearing tip (P/N: 543-562ACAL).

The roller bearing tip is like a wheel that rolls over the surface of the bearing while it measures the bearing thickness. This process leaves a visible mark on the surface of the bearing. The marks left by this process are totally harmless, and you will never be able to feel them with your fingers or measure them with a measuring device.  

During the measuring process, after they are measured, each shell is sorted and placed in bins according to every 0.00005 inch difference. The measuring, sorting, and binning allows us to take advantage of the normal distribution curve of bearing thicknesses to create perfectly matched sets of bearings for each customer.

Once the bearings are sorted and binned, they are then used to create matched sets. All bearings measured with the new Mahr air gauge will not have marks on them. 


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