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5150 AutoSport

5150 AutoSport Head Gasket & Head Stud Kit, BMW M50/M52/S50/S52

5150 AutoSport Head Gasket & Head Stud Kit, BMW M50/M52/S50/S52

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Head Gasket Type - Bore - Thickness
Head Stud Kit

MLS Head Gasket:

This Cometic MLS Head Gasket is specifically engineered to replace BMW part # 11121726619, 1112172622, and 11121405106 for the M50, M52, S50, S52 iron block U.S model versions of the inline 6-cylinder engines found in E34/E36 chassis. 

Multi-Layer Steel also known as "MLS" head gaskets are preferred as an aftermarket alternative for high-performance BMW engines, including supercharged and turbocharged models, as they offer better performance than factory gaskets.

The M50 and M52 engines have a stock bore of 84 mm and a thickness of 0.070 inches for their head gaskets, while the S50 engine boasts a stock bore of 86 mm 0.070" thickness and the S52 engine has a slightly larger bore of 86.4 mm with 0.070" thickness as well. 

MLS Gaskets provide maximum sealing performance for high-output engines, without the need for sealants. These gaskets resist shearing forces and reduce bore distortion with their embossing design.

Comprised of multiple layers of stainless steel, they are durable and corrosion-resistant. Ideal for high-performance engines, MLS head gaskets offer superior sealing and can withstand high levels of heat and pressure.

When choosing an MLS gasket for your BMW, ensure compatibility, thickness, and bore size, and follow installation and torque specifications to avoid engine damage.

MLS head gaskets can NOT be used with motors that have O-rings or receiver grooves around the cylinder bores because they require smooth and flat surfaces to seal.

Cut-Ring Head Gasket:

The Upgrade your BMW engine's performance with the Athena Cut Ring Head Gasket. This gasket replaces BMW part # 11121726619, 1112172622, and 11121405106 and is specifically designed for M50, M52, S50, and S52 iron block inline 6-cylinder engines found in E34/E36 chassis.

Standard OEM & MLS gaskets can only handle a certain amount of cylinder pressures before they start to leak, making the Athena Cut Ring Head Gasket the recommended choice for applications making 16+ psi.

A compression leak passing the head gasket can cause a range of issues, including engine overheating, loss of power, misfires, and in severe cases, catastrophic engine failure.

SCE's gasket is crafted with premium quality reinforced M0115, an asbestos-free material that's original equipment approved and renowned for its superior quality. The AISI 304 stainless steel Cooper Rings bite into the aluminum head, providing maximum sealing capabilities around the cylinder bore and optimizing engine performance, even on engines with nitrous and/or turbo applications that exceed 2 bar boost.

Before installation, it is crucial to have the mating surfaces of the cylinder head and block professionally cleaned and resurfaced to ensure they are completely flat.

Please be aware that the gasket should have a size that is 0.5mm to 1mm larger than the piston. For example, if the piston measures 84mm, then the gasket should be the next size up, either 84.5mm or 85mm.

Head Gasket Installation Instructions:

  1. Make sure that the engine block and cylinder head surfaces are clean, flat, and free from any debris, oil, or coolant.

  2. Install the head gasket on the engine block and ensure that it is properly aligned. Avoid twisting or bending the gasket during installation.

  3. Place the cylinder head on top of the gasket and install the head bolts or studs in their correct positions.

  4. Follow the manufacturer's recommended torque specifications and tighten the bolts or studs in the proper sequence to ensure even clamping force across the gasket.

  5. After the initial tightening, re-torque the head bolts or studs after the engine has been started and then allowed to cool to room temperature. This will ensure that the gasket is properly seated and compressed.

  6. It is recommended to not use any additional sealant on the gasket, as it is already coated with a Viton rubber sealant. Using additional sealant can hinder the performance of the gasket.

Head Stud Kit

The 201-4302 ARP2000 head studs from ARP are custom-designed for the iron block U.S model versions of the inline 6-cylinder engines found in E34/E36 chassis, specifically the M5x/S5x engines. Due to their exceptional versatility and high-performance potential, these engines have gained popularity among enthusiasts for engine swaps into different chassis. They are a popular choice for a range of motorsport disciplines such as road racing, hill climbs, time attack, drifting, and drag racing.

The installation of ARP head studs on BMW M50/M52/S50/S52 engines has several advantages, such as increased clamping force and enhanced head gasket sealing, which can prevent head gasket failure. This is especially crucial for high-performance or turbocharged engines, as the increased cylinder pressure puts additional stress on the head gasket and bolts.

Proper installation of ARP head studs requires strict adherence to the manufacturer's instructions and using the correct torque specifications and sequence. Additionally, it's essential to check the cylinder head and block for flatness and resurface them if needed to ensure a proper seal.

In collaboration with ARP, we offer a unique material called Custom Age 625+. This material has a tensile strength of 260 ksi, which is substantially higher than the 190 ksi of the ARP 2000 head stud. It's an ideal choice for individuals who want to push the limits of their M50/M52/S50/S52 Turbocharged and Supercharged engine builds and require a stronger head stud. Using Custom Age 625+ head studs allows you to increase boost levels without the cylinder head lifting, making it unnecessary to use an 11mm stud or drill and tap your block.

Using Custom Age 625+ head studs enables you to increase boost levels without worrying about the cylinder head lifting. This means that you won't need to use an 11mm stud or drill & tap your block.

Head Stud Installation Instructions: 

1. To ensure proper thread engagement and accurate torque readings, clean ALL threads in the block. Chase if necessary with ARP Thread Chaser.
2. Clean and inspect all hardware prior to installation. Look for obvious defects or shipping damages, plus proper fit, length and dimension.
3. If the cylinder head studs protrude into a water jacket, lubricate the block threads of the studs with ARP THREAD SEALER.
4. Screw studs into the block “HAND TIGHT ONLY”.
5. Install the cylinder head(s) and check for binding or misalignment.
6. Lubricate the stud threads, nuts and washers with ARP ULTRA-TORQUE FASTENER ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT.
Then install the washers and the nuts onto the studs and tighten them hand tight.
ARP recommends using the ARP ULTRA-TORQUE FASTENER ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT that is provided with each kit as opposed to motor oil. This is due to higher friction on the studs as well as inconsistencies in the clamping force of the fasteners when motor oil or other low quality lubricants are used.


7. Following the manufacturers recommended torque sequence tighten the nuts steps 1-3

Step 1: Tighten to 25 ft-lbs.
Step 2: Tighten to 50 ft-lbs.
Step 3: Tighten to 75 ft-lbs.

Custom Age 625+
Step 1: Tighten to 30 ft-lbs.
Step 2: Tighten to 55 ft-lbs.
Step 3: Tighten to 85 ft-lbs.
with ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant

Bolt Torque Sequence

 12  10 4 2 6 8 14
13 7 5 1 3 9 11


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