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5150 AutoSport

Viton Valve Stem Seals, BMW N55 / S55

Viton Valve Stem Seals, BMW N55 / S55

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Viton Stem Seals for High-Performance BMW N55 & S55 Engines

Viton Stem Seals are engineered to prevent oil from entering the combustion chamber, ensuring optimal engine performance. Crafted from premium Viton material, these seals offer superior control and durability across the entire RPM range. Their compact design allows for clearance in small inside-diameter valve springs.

Developed to withstand the extreme conditions of high-horsepower and turbocharged engines, these seals meet the highest standards of quality. They provide enhanced resistance to high temperatures, fuel, and chemical contaminants, ensuring extended wear and reliability in high-RPM or high-mileage engines.


(12) 5mm Intake Valve Seals
(12) 6mm Exhaust Valve Seals


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