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SuperSprint Performance Muffler, BMW E46 M3

SuperSprint Performance Muffler, BMW E46 M3

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The original Supersprint street rear muffler for the E46 M3, offering direct stock replacement with improved flow and reduced restriction. This muffler maintains a balanced sound, conforming to European noise restrictions without drone. Though larger and heavier than other Supersprint mufflers, it produces a deep tone with a touch more rasp than the stock system.

Supersprint exhaust is renowned for its exceptional quality, optimal flow design, and European sound, making it the premier choice for BMW enthusiasts. Its modular design allows for customization, while mufflers meet European noise laws for refined sound. With larger diameter piping, Supersprint exhausts enhance engine performance, setting them apart in the market for their unmatched quality and reputation.


BMW E46 M3 S54 3.2L



Supersprint exhaust systems are intended for track and off-road use only. Special software or modifications may be necessary to prevent emissions fault codes.


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