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Rally Road Porsche 996 Brake Caliper Brackets, BMW E36 / E46 Non-M, Front

Rally Road Porsche 996 Brake Caliper Brackets, BMW E36 / E46 Non-M, Front

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Rally Road now offers brackets for Non-M3 E36 and E46 cars so you can install the popular Porsche Brembo 996 / Boxster-S caliper upgrade.  CNC Machined Brackets are designed to fit a Porsche 996 Brembo front caliper to the E36 AND E46 Non-M front spindle.

Two rotor options are available for this brake kit.  The first option is the standard E46 M3 325 x 28 mm front rotor.  The standard E46 M3 rotor with fit with 17 inch wheels.  Utilizing standard E46 M3 rotors requires 12 mm to be machined from the mounting boss of the caliper.  We offer this service for an additional charge.

The other rotor option is for 18 inch wheels only, but requires no modification to the calipers.  The E46 M3 CSL 345mm floating rotor is a bolt on setup for this bracket an a 996 caliper.

The studs are made from stainless steel.  Calipers are secured to the bracket/stud combo with supplied ARP 12 point nuts and washers.

Calipers used for this conversion are Front Calipers from the 1999-2004 Porsche 996 (non-turbo), the Boxster S or the Cayman S.  All these calipers are made from the same Brembo casting.

The Porsche caliper part numbers for this conversion are:
996.351.425 (driver side)
996.351.426 (passenger side)

Calipers will vary in color between Porsche model and options, but the castings will be the same as will the piston sizes. 

Proper pad placement with this bracket gives a full sweep of the rotor surface.  No rust rings on your rotor when using this brake setup.

*For off-road use only.
*Please take a look at the product pictures. On non-M spindles, you will need to round off the squared portion on the outside mounting ear.  This will allow clearance for the brackets to bolt up properly.


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