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Powerflex Polyurethane Front Tension Strut Bushings, BMW G20 / G21

Powerflex Polyurethane Front Tension Strut Bushings, BMW G20 / G21

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Over time, OEM rubber bushings wear from constant movement, heat, and exposure to road debris. This wear and tear can lead to increased play in the suspension components, affecting handling performance and ride quality. Symptoms of worn bushings include increased body roll during cornering, excessive vibration and noise over bumps, and less precise steering feel. 

Powerflex bushings not only boast a Lifetime Warranty, but they are also made from polyurethane, which has improved performance and durability qualities over OEM rubber. Over time, polyurethane is less susceptible to the wear and tear of rubber bushings and is resistant to abrasion, tearing, and degradation from oil, grease, and other chemicals encountered on the road.

Fixed - PFF5-2501

Caster Adjustable Front Tension Strut Bushings perform in the same way as the non-adjustable bushings while also allowing +/- 0.75 of on-car caster adjustment, improving turning and steering feel. Also, this will help correcting and steering pull.

Adjustable - PFF5-2501G

Front Tension Strut Bushings are made using our Black 95A durometer material. Supplied with outer shells to increase stiffness by up to 300%, controlling longitudinal wheel movement under braking, cornering, and improving longer-term durability.


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