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Powerflex Differential Bracket and Polyurethane Bushings Kit, BMW F8X M

Powerflex Differential Bracket and Polyurethane Bushings Kit, BMW F8X M

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The factory single-ear differential mount in the BMW F80 F82 and F87 chassis is a known weak point, tending to become unstable and prone to pivoting under torque, causing an unsettled rear, clunking, and even failure.

Despite the OEM Differential Mounting Bracket for F80 F82 F87 BMW's only using one mounting point, BMW included the provisions for a second mounting point from factory, making this Powerflex Dual Mount Differential Bracket a simple upgrade to dual-ear mounting.

This kit includes all bushings necessary for differential reinstallation and is ideal for cars that see both street and track use. While the included bushings are not as rigid as solid aluminum or delrin, please note that they are more stiff than factory bushings and will have a harsher feel than OEM bushings. 

Benefits of upgraded bushings include: 

  • Reduced drivetrain movement
  • Improved throttle response
  • More controlled and consistent chassis response to acceleration and deceleration
  • Improved tire-to-road power transfer from reduced wheel hop
  • Reduced bushing strain

Kit includes Powerflex copper-based grease for installation. Re-lubing is rarely necessary due to bushing construction and design.


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