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OS Giken

OS Giken TR Twin Plate Clutch Kit, BMW E39 M5 Turbo

OS Giken TR Twin Plate Clutch Kit, BMW E39 M5 Turbo

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The OS Giken TR Plate Clutch Kit, TR2CD, was designed for turbo vehicles which have substantially increased engine power. The billet aluminum cover not only delivers a more direct clutch pedal feel but also ensures ease of engagement. This is made possible through the unique leverage mechanism of the diaphragm spring, effectively reducing overall pedal effort.

Specifically designed for heavily modified, high-power turbocharged S62 engines, this clutch kit features dampened hub clutch discs measuring 215 mm in size, reliably handling up to approximately 800 lbs ft of torque. The aluminum cover enhances clamping force, providing increased capacity to withstand the rigorous abuse often encountered on the track. Elevate your vehicle's performance with the TR2CD from the TR Twin Plate Clutch series.


  • BMW E39 M5

Included Components:

  • Twin Plate Clutch Assembly with Flywheel
  • Release Sleeve Assembly
  • OS Flywheel Bolts

Installation Notes:

  • Requires OEM Pilot Bearing or Bushing 


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