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Ferrea High Performance Valve Spring Kit, BMW S58

Ferrea High Performance Valve Spring Kit, BMW S58

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The Ferrea Valve Spring Kit is a high-performance upgrade kit that's specifically designed for the BMW S58 engine, which can be found in the G80, G82, and G83 models. The kit includes 24 valve springs, 24 titanium retainers, and 24 seat locators.

The valve springs are made from premium chrome-silicon steel wire, which offers improved valve control at high engine speeds. Meanwhile, the lightweight and durable titanium retainers help increase engine speed and decrease the risk of valve float. Additionally, the spring seats are tailored to work with the specific engine application, offering optimal support for the valve springs.

This kit is typically used in high-performance racing scenarios, where engines are pushed to their limits with high stress and RPMs. However, it's essential to note that installation of this kit should only be carried out by experienced and qualified engine builders or technicians. Novice or inexperienced individuals should seek the guidance of professionals to ensure proper installation and operation of this kit.


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