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CP Carrillo

CP Carrillo X-Forging

CP Carrillo X-Forging

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X-Forging is a manufacturing technique used by CP-Carrillo for a lighter piston without compromising strength and durability. This is an optional upgrade.

Developed through rigorous research and development, CP-Carrillo X-Forged pistons are designed to minimize friction and reduce weight while adding structural support through bracing and internal ribs, creating the stiffness needed to perform.

As with all CP Pistons, X-Forged pistons represent the highest quality and are engineered for maximum power. One of the advanced features of this manufacturing technique is the relocation of the pin boss inward, closer to center, which allows for the use of a shorter wrist pin for added strength and weight savings. 

With the use of different strut angles and bracing, CP is able to configure a more effective piston by adjusting the weight balance between high and low stress areas.



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