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CP Carrillo

CP Carrillo Heavy Duty Wrist Pin, 866-2250-25CP3C

CP Carrillo Heavy Duty Wrist Pin, 866-2250-25CP3C

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.866" x 2.250" x .250" straight walled, 9310 steel wrist pin with chamfered edge

The wrist pin, or piston pin, is a crucial component of an internal combustion engine as it serves as the vital connection between the piston and connecting rod. It endures high loads in varying directions, as well as bending and shearing forces from the connecting rod. 

To cater to high-stress, high power applications and uses, CP-Carrillo offers heavy duty wrist pins that take these factors into consideration. For applications over 850HP, it is a MUST to use Heavy Duty Wrist Pins.

Sold Individually. Please note, these wrist pins will only work with CP Pistons; NOT compatible with OEM Pistons.


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