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CP Carrillo

Pro-Xtreme Aluminum Connecting Rod Set for BMW S38 B38

Pro-Xtreme Aluminum Connecting Rod Set for BMW S38 B38

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The 5150 AutoSport Pro-Xtreme Aluminum Connecting Rod, made by CP-Carrillo, is designed to handle high horsepower and high RPMs. 

While steel rods are a more common choice for connecting rods, some road racers opt for aluminum rods to reduce the weight of their rotating components.

Benefits of our High-Performance Aluminum Connecting Rods for Race Engines include enhanced acceleration, vibration dampening, higher RPM capability, battle-tested durability, prolonged engine life, and efficient heat dissipation.

These rods are a premium choice, though it is important to note they may have a slightly shorter lifespan and come at a higher cost. The suitability of an aluminum rod depends on your engine's needs, budget, and maintenance schedule. Consider that these rods usually align with the lifespan of the aluminum piston, requiring simultaneous replacements during piston maintenance.

Fitment Notes:

NOT compatible with factory OEM Pistons
NOT compatible with S38 B35/B36 engines


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