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Clutch Masters

Clutch Masters FX850 Twin Disc Clutch Kit, BMW E46 M3

Clutch Masters FX850 Twin Disc Clutch Kit, BMW E46 M3

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850 Series Twin Disc Clutch Kit, 03040-TD8S

“Street and Race” (TD8S) – 1 sprung ceramic disc, and 1 fiber tuff rigid disc

Born from Clutch Masters' decades of drag racing experience, the FX850 Clutch Kit is a 8.5" (216 mm) Twin Disc clutch, ideal for engines / transmissions with smaller bell-housings. Born from Clutch Masters' racing technology, this kit seamlessly performs in high performance street vehicles as well as on the track. 

Engineered to withstand high horsepower and torque, the FX850 maintains reasonable pedal pressure for optimal track operation. The key to its performance lies in the increased clamping force of the pressure plate and the addition of square inches of usable disc area. With these enhancements, Clutch Masters FX850 Twin Discs achieve a significant increase in clamping rates, resulting in an average of 50% more pedal pressure, varying by application.

Clutch Masters' cover assembly is CNC-machined from billet aluminum and strengthened via Type 3 hard anodizing, resulting in a cover with approximately 25% more tensile strength than the competitions' cast unit. A stronger cover assembly provides greater clamping force over the same area, providing the user with easy drivability and superior clamping force, ensuring that more power generated by the engine is effectively utilized. 

Finally, Clutch Masters cover was engineered to combine maximum strength with minimum weight, effectively eliminating flex to a mere .003" for consistent and confident clutch operation. While other aftermarket clutch units can experience up to .030" of flex, Clutch Masters' absence of flex ensures that the entirety of the movement applied to the diaphragm of the clutch from the throwout bearing is solely transferred to clutch engagement and disengagement. 

Unique to Clutch Masters' FX850 Twin Disc Clutch Kits is their innovative Quick Release Pressure Plate (QR System). This proprietary system incorporates three spring-loaded bolts that ensure even and smooth engagement and disengagement of the pressure plate while reducing internal clutch chatter and noise by up to 50%. 

Developed with dual-purpose, the QR system delivers quiet and smooth operation needed for street-use while maintaining the exceptional performance demanded by a multi-disc race clutch.

Flywheel Selection

Clutch Masters' precision-crafted aluminum flywheels are machined from 6061-T6 billet to meet the stringent SFI-spec 1.2 for competition in NHRA, NDRA, IDRC, IHRA, SCCA, and NASA. To ensure durability and performance, these flywheels undergo Type 3 hard coat anodizing. Replace the included insert as needed for greater longevity and maintenance.

For those who prefer steel, the Clutch Masters steel flywheel is machined from 1045 billet cores and black oxide treated for effective rust protection. These undergo the same meticulous engineering and manufacturing as all Clutch Masters' products, ensuring each flywheel is high-quality and performance-oriented.


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